The Podcast of Power: A She-Ra Companion Podcast

Episode 23: Catra’s No Good Very Bad Day

The stage is set for the season 3 finale, and all of the players have gathered in the Fright Zone. Nero and Jane go through this setup episode that moves at breakneck speed, and positions Catra to make the ultimate heel turn. Also the other princesses are technically in this episode, but you could have fooled us!


Sorry about the delay on this one folks, shouldn't be a problem in the future.

Episode 22: The Gayest S**t You’ve Ever Seen

It's time to wrap up our journey in the Crimson Waste for now. Nero and Jane have a blast talking about this Catra and Scorpia focused episode that deepens their relationship, and offers Catra an opportunity to start over with someone who cares about her. Will she take it? Of course not! In the spoiler zone, they go deep on Mara and what she means for Adora's character over the course of the series. 

Episode 21: big.

'Huntara' marks the end of the mid season slump that characterized much of season 2 and the first half of season 3. As the show kicks into drive heading into the season 3 finale, Nero and Jane discuss the gang's adventures in the Crimson Waste, Entrapta and Hordak's burgeoning friendship and what it means for their characters, and just how large Huntara is. The answer is "very".

Episode 20: Fushigi Master Bow

It's time to start season 3! After quickly dealing with the cliffhangers at the end of season 2, we move right into an episode that is entirely standing around and talking. Shadow Weaver is in jail, Catra is in jail, and the animation looks kinda wonky. it's the calm before the storm on 'The Price of Power'.

Episode 19: Coming Out as a Jock

It's time for the season 2...finale? All Netflix weirdness aside, this is a fantastic episode that deepens Bow's character and widens the world of She-Ra. Nero and Jane dive into the comedy of the episode, the dynamic between Bow and his dads, and discuss the implications of all this lore, all to answer one burning question; what on earth is Adora doing in this episode?

Episode 18: The One Where They Talk About Shadow Weaver For An Hour And Twenty-Three Minutes

S2E6 'Light Spinner' is quite a dense episode, and your intrepid hosts dig into it with glee. Shadow Weaver is a fascinating character, whose presence and actions are felt through the entire show. In this episode, Nero and Jane try to get to the center of what her character means, her relationship with Catra and Adora, and what she can tell us about the show's idea of redemption. So strap in, we're talkin' Shadow Weaver.

Episode 17: Sad Hawk

Finally, the sophomore slump of season 2 is over! Nero and Jane finally have some juicy character drama to dig into in S2E5 'White Out'! Is Scorpia really trapped in the closet? Did Catra steal her plan from Jurassic World 2? Where did Sea Hawk get that kickin' coat? What the **** is wrong with the First Ones? All these questions and more will be answered within this podcast! But seriously, you guys think Sea Hawk is cool, right?

Episode 16: Glimmer Extremely Not Hetero Moments

Roll your podcast listening modifier and try not to get a critical fail for this week, because your hosts are talking about S2E4 'Roll With It'. Probably the only episode of this show that is pure filler, it makes up for it with lots of fun gags and character beats, even if the lesson the characters learn at the end of it is kind of weird.

Episode 15: Suffocation Rhombus

Nero and Jane talk about S2E3 'Signals' in the shortest episode to date. A fun, yet inconsequential, scooby-doo adventure for our main trio combined with some good Horde side character work makes this episode feel more like filler than anything else in the show, but don't get spooked, there's still lots to talk about even in this light episode! Just make sure not to get scared by Shadow Weaver's creepypasta, and avoid the Suffocation Rhombus at all costs.

Episode 14: Man, Catra Really Bites

Nero and Jane are back in the saddle after the hiatus to talk about the fun romp that is S2E2 'Ties That Bind', an episode that is a tour de force for Catra being a complete terror. Listener questions get them talking about shipping, which characters would swear the most, and Adora's severe lack of coping mechanisms. Also, despite Shadow Weaver not appearing in this episode she still manages to come up in the Spoiler Zone because we can't NOT talk about her.

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