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Episode 51: Emailvalanche!

It's after the war, and we're all here to pop some bottles and send off the show with a bang as both of us open up the depths of the Email Pit. We've got some final pieces of juicy analysis, some good laughs, and a lot of reflection on the past year and a half of doing this show for all you lovely listeners out there. Thank you all so much for accompanying us on this journey, and we hope to see you all in the future in our next project, Radio Free Hydaelyn (@HydaelynRadio)!


Special thanks for our very special intro for this very special episode, "After the War", composed and performed by Reinaeiry (@Reinaeiry)!

Episode 50: The Heart of the Matter

It's time.


Live in studio together for the first time, we have gathered our powers and abilities for this, S5E12 & 13, 'Heart Part 1 & 2', the ultimate episodes of the show that put us on this journey in the first place. Etheria is in dire straits, all hope seems lost, and even this episode itself seemed as if it may never surface... but the intro to the show holds true. We all really did win in the end, and our titular characters finally get to share their ultimate moment. (Bonus game for the viewers at home: see if you can catch all the moments where I had to choke back tears!)

Episode 49: We Told You About Those Wizards.

I hope you like ominous flaming hallways of destiny because those dang wizards are at it again. We're in the penultimate episode of the show, S5E11 'Failsafe', in which shadow Weaver is back in peak form, Glimmer gets to formally re-meet her dad, Catra makes a very serious decision, and Adora fully accepts her destiny. The question remains, though: should she?

Episode 48: Lime Flavored Mind Control

Before you can reach the end you must go back to the beginning. This week we take a look at S5E10 'Return to the Fright Zone'. Perfuma struggles to hold onto her ideals while being forced to face down a dear friend, Netossa pinpoints everyone's weakness in the hopes of getting her wife back, and Catra has a very bad, wet time. Meanwhile, Bow and Glimmer have some EXTREME LORE REVALATIONS while looking for Bow's dads. In the spoiler zone, we go in deep on Horde Prime's chips, their use as metaphor, and discuss how delicious lime dusted tortilla chips are (very).


Additionally, we finally announce our next project! Stay tuned for more information!

Episode 46: Lost Planet, Lost Episode

Does it count as a lost episode when the reason it was lost was mostly just being dumb? Either way, here's ours for this series, taking a look at the appropriately equally lost planet of Krytis in S5E8 'Shot in the Dark', in which Catra gets her chops busted, Wrong Hordak is radicalized, and Entrapta makes our newest team member the world's cutest spacesuit (complete with little kitty cat ears). Maybe bring a map though, I've heard its easy to get lost yourself down here.

Episode 47: Rearranging A Catgirl’s Face

It's S5E9, 'An Ill Wind', and we're in for a mission fit for only the finest of Far Cry sequels. We're saving mushrooms, we're fighting a juiced-up Spinnerella, we're capturing control points, and our good friend Catra gets to meet the rest of the team! It goes... well it certainly goes, is the thing. They're all working on it.

Episode 45: The Theatre Has Many Secrets

This week we're hiding before your very eyes in S5E7, 'The Perils of Peekablue', in which we (mostly) take a break from the intergalactic escapades of the Best Friend Squad to go sleuthing around in the seedy underbelly of the sea with the side cast. Mermista and Sea Hawk pull way too much aggro, Perfuma gets a little too into character, and Scorpia serenades the sea scoundrels in this classy underwater party adventure. It's a black tie affair, so make sure you dress accordingly.

Episode 44: Built Like A Freight Train

Welcome back everybody! It's time to talk about S5E6, 'Taking Control', in which we have the cavalcade of Entrapta Faces, Catra truly going through it, an extremely normal rebel town don't worry about it, and She-Ra who... uh... um... sorry what was I saying I got. Distracted. The girl is uh. Big.

Infinicast Episode 1: One-One Brings The FUNK!

Hello there! Due to some personal stuff that came up this week we aren't gonna be able to put up the Taking Control podcast until next week. So to tide you over we figured that we would put the first episode of our Infinity Train side cast on the main feed. As you can tell we're really impressed with the show already, and can't wait to get deeper into it. So enjoy this sneak peek of our Patreon content, and thank you for being patient!

Episode 43: Holding Out For A Hero

It's time everyone. We're gonna go save that cat. It's S5E5, and our girl is in some truly dire straits as Adora and the gang race off to rescue her from Prime's clutches. We get a funny new Hordak, Glimmer has a new comfy space suit, and Catra and Adora have... some scenes. A lot of scenes, in fact. Do you like angst? Do you like extremely charged and intimate fight scenes? We sure do.


Also, as we covered in the lead-in to this episode, please if you're able to we would extremely encourage you to help out the people of Palestine. They need our support more than ever.

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