The Podcast of Power: A She-Ra Companion Podcast

Episode 48: Lime Flavored Mind Control

July 24, 2021

Before you can reach the end you must go back to the beginning. This week we take a look at S5E10 'Return to the Fright Zone'. Perfuma struggles to hold onto her ideals while being forced to face down a dear friend, Netossa pinpoints everyone's weakness in the hopes of getting her wife back, and Catra has a very bad, wet time. Meanwhile, Bow and Glimmer have some EXTREME LORE REVALATIONS while looking for Bow's dads. In the spoiler zone, we go in deep on Horde Prime's chips, their use as metaphor, and discuss how delicious lime dusted tortilla chips are (very).


Additionally, we finally announce our next project! Stay tuned for more information!