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Episode 42: Entrapta F#&*$ A Spaceship

The title really says it all on this one, I feel. We've crash landed into S5E4 'Stranded', in which the gang forgets the cardinal rule of road trips: always fill up on gas before you leave. Luckily they run into some funny guys and their pet bird, and everyone learns a valuable lesson about the dangers of unstable tectonic zones. Also, She-Ra might be back? Who's to say (Swift Wind's to say, and she is (sort of)).

Episode 41: Baptismal Dew

[Content Warning: Discussions of Religious Trauma]

So! S5E3 Corridors, huh? It's quite the heavy episode. We go through it with Catra and Glimmer aboard the Velvet Glove, the Best Friend Squad experiences the last 15 minutes of hit Matt Damon comedy The Martian, and our girl finally makes one single good decision in her whole life. We really get into it with Horde Prime and his character background, and discuss the connections to Noelle Stevenson's illustrated memoir, The Fire Never Goes Out. Listen as we try not to cry while talking about it! It's a real hoot!

Episode 40: Disappointment Lunch

Well, Season 5 can't be all bangers, I suppose. We're tackling the... controversial S5E2 Launch, wherein we get some good Adora development, a very nice quiet moment aboard the Velvet Glove, and... well. Let's not beat around the bush, some genuinely kind of insulting content with Entrapta and her "funny" adventure to one of Mr. Prime's spires. Not a lot of questions this week, but we Do get a book report assignment, and I think that ends up going pretty well!

Episode 39: This Man’s Eating Shellder

We're finally here everyone, it's time to dig into season 5 starting with a very strong introduction with S5E1, Horde Prime. The man himself appears with all the power and horror that he and his infinite supply of Mountain Dew can muster as he imposes his dominating will upon the rest of the cast. The rebellion is on the run, Adora takes a pretty big step forward in her path toward self-actualization, and Glimmer and Catra enjoy a very tense dinner. Try the cubes, I've heard they're to die for.


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Episode 38: A Midsummer Jersey

Oh, you thought the only thing we were uploading on April Fool's was a joke episode? Surprise! We've got our Season 4 emails all rounded up (all 9 pages of them, woof) and ready to go, so after you enjoy the comedy stylings of Hordak exploding from pie, why not take a listen to some analytical dives into Glimmer's arc, Shadow Weaver's position in the season, Horde Prime's toxic masculinity - and, of course, answering the all-important question: what are everyone's favorite Shakespearian plays?

Episode ??: The Tragedy of Darth Hordak

We just don't stop being in it with this show, dear listeners. Once again we have a real heartbreaker of an episode, 'My Enemy, My Friend'; a tale of loss for many, and a deep insight into the truly tragic figure cut by Hordak. Make sure you have tissues on hand, this one's a real tear-jerker. In the spoiler zone, we discuss the implications of Hordak's culinary training, and how that thematically maps onto the rest of the season.

Episode 37: Emo Hordak Fancams

God himself may have tried to stop this podcast, dear listeners, but Destiny cannot be denied. We are looking at the infamous two-parter of S4E12 & 13, and experiencing the truly epic highs and lows of Etherian warfare. Glimmer and Catra collide, Adora defeats her destiny, the Fright Zone explodes, and Double Trouble dishes out the sickest burns that have ever been uttered by a lizard person (Especially in this show. Looking at you, Tongue Lashor). We have a boatload of questions, a deep-dish spoiler zone, and nearly 2 and a half full hours of content for you all to peruse at your leisure. So kick back, grab some popcorn, and luxuriate with us in the high melodrama of Destiny parts 1 and 2.


Special music for this week is "Ghost" by Reinaeiry (@Reinaeiry on Twitter)

Episode 36: Ship Boneyards and Pooka Parties

Welcome, dear listeners, to Beast Island! It's S4E11, and we're finally setting foot on the mysterious landmass where dreams (and roboticists) are sent to die. We've got razor-sharp claws, razor-sharp teeth, even razor-sharp razors, and all of them are pointed directly at the Best Friend Squad. Will they make it out alive? Eh, probably. There's gonna be an episode next week either way. Also, in unrelated events, Glimmer asks to speak to the Crystal Castle's manager.

Episode 35: Scorpia Has Scurvy

Remember how last week I said we were really in it? Well we don't stop being in it with S4E10, Fractures. Come along for an extremely normal one where the Best Friend Squad attempts to fly a spacecraft, Scorpia learns what a sal-ad is, and Catra... oh Catra. Extra short spoiler zone this time, but we've got plenty of questions to stretch this one out to a cool hour and a half listen.

Episode 34: Why Is My Pie Covered In Tears?

Woof, okay, we're really in it now with this one. It's S4E9, Hero, and it's all about wacky baking hijinks sprinkled inbetween vignettes of Horrifying Knowledge. Razz has secrets to reveal, and not all of them are her recipe for wildberry pie. In the spoiler zone, we talk about Mara, her role in the show, how she's an amazing character, and also we maybe get really choked up while talking about her (its fine! its fine. it's Good don't worry).

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